Fontijne Grotnes B.V. was looking to find a time and cost saving solution for the distribution of workwear to their employees. They found it with Berendsen.

A cabinet of possibilities


Fontijne Grotnes B.V. is a technology leader that develops and builds production equipment for the metal forming-, wheel- and pipe industries and builds presses for the nuclear industry and platen presses for polymer processing, rubber, and composites industries. The head office of Fontijne Grotnes is based in Vlaardingen in the Netherlands and has 110 employees; one-third of them working in the Assembly & Testing department and Parts Production.

A time consuming solution that needed to change
These employees need appropriate workwear when working. Previously the workwear was distributed each Monday morning from the central desk in the manufacturing hall. Finding and distributing the workwear was time consuming for both the employees, who were waiting, and for the desk staff that had to make sure that the right people got the right clothes. At the end of a working day there was nowhere to store the dirty clothes, so the desk staff had to make way for the dirty workwear as well. Realising that this procedure took up valuable time and space, the management went looking for a solution that would allow employees to get their uniforms quick and easy and therefore contacted Berendsen.

A cabinet restocking system
Berendsen solved the issue by installing a personal cabinet for each employee in the changing room and provided a subscription service.  Personalised workwear was purchased for each employee and each piece of clothing is fitted with a chip, so that it could easily be packaged for the individual employee. Berendsen delivers the clothing to each personalised cabinet. "It is the perfect solution for us. It means that everyone can always find their own clothing quickly and that the clothing can be stored away tidily", says Nico Huibers, Manager Facilities, Fontijne Grotnes B.V.


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