Our investments in the central procurement and supply chain function open up greater opportunities for us to develop long-term strategic relationships with suppliers, supporting our ambition to rationalise our supplier base.

Procurement and supply chain management

The central Procurement and Supply Chain function is in place as a Centre of Excellence for driving continuous improvement in efficiency and effectiveness, and for managing the extended supply chain. Agility to take advantage of supply opportunities, and robustness of risk management, are key focus areas.

Procurement and supply chain performance

Budget and savings targets were again surpassed against a backdrop of further improvements to customer service. In 2016, internal supply chain throughput continued to grow and enabled cost leverage against unfavourable headwinds in currency and production region inflation.

Supplier excellence programme 

We extended our systematic supplier review and engagement initiatives through the implementation of the Berendsen Supplier Excellence Programme. This programme encapsulates our quality management mission to ensure quality systems are in place for the Procurement and Delivery of consistent and enhanced quality products, improving Berendsen's competitive position. During 2016, we launched a supplier performance monitoring tool to support structured reviews of measured performance with suppliers, complementing our Supplier Relationship Management process.


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