Environmental management
We are committed to reducing the impact of our operations on the environment. Across the Group, we continually review and investigate ways to reduce WECO usage. All businesses are expected to adhere to our environmental policy which requires them to:

  • Engage with suppliers to research ways to minimise the amount and concentration of detergents used in our laundries and disposed of in effluent, and opportunities for low temperature washing
  • Routinely recover water for re-use
  • Minimise heat usage/loss, energy loss and fuel usage
  • Recycle textiles, paper and packaging materials wherever this is possible

Environmental performance
We monitor performance of WECO efficiency at site level. Targets are set out in the sites' budgets and these are regularly reviewed by management. WECO figures are monitored monthly per site via a database. This allows us to react quickly and identify trends across all laundries and ensure reliable benchmarking. Our computerised production monitoring systems allow sites to monitor current production efficiency and generate historic reports. We adopt the Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodology to assess our carbon footprint.

CO2 emissions per business line

Kg of CO2 per tonne of laundry shipped

  2016 2015
Workwear 478 486
Facility 241 255
Healthcare 364 373
Hospitality 336 344
Group (total tonnes of CO2 emissions) 242k 235k







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