Safety will always be one of our core values. We recognise that our people are vital to our success and we have a duty to protect them while they work to deliver the success of our company. Doing the right thing by delivering on this duty will not only secure our employees' health and safety at work, it will also support Berendsen's strategic direction by ensuring that the health and safety threats to the business are proactively resolved before they negatively impact our people and our success. We believe that a poor health and safety record is incompatible with a high performing sustainable business.

In July 2016, we launched the Berendsen Incident Reporting System (BIRS). Through this first step in our health and safety e-enablement programme we have delivered on the reporting and investigation targets we had for 2016.

The improvements we have achieved and the enhanced awareness and accessibility this has delivered has resulted in a marked increase in reporting by all employees. This is evident in the 597 near-miss reports and 1,478 safety observations that have been drafted and acted on during Q3 and Q4 2016. In 2015 we did not have these statistics. As a consequence of the reporting improvements we have made, there is an increase of 0.99 reported major injuries per one million hours worked for 2016. We believe this to be an increase in openness and reporting, not an increase in occurrences. This is very positive, as we now have a clearer picture of the key safety issues across the business and the incidents that result from them. We are now developing and implementing programmes to eliminate or reduce the identified risks.

Major injuries statistics

    Major injury rate* Number of major injuries
  2016 0.77 3
  2015 - -
  2016 1.87 11
  2015 0.86 5
  2016 1.20 8
  2015 0.60 4
  2016 0.45 3
  2015 0.87 4
Total Group      
  2016 0.99 25
  2015 0.54 13

* Number of fatalities and major injuries/total hours worked x 1,000,000.



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