Innovative solutions
Our customers know that working with Berendsen enables them to benefit from continual improvements in efficiency, which translate directly into reduced costs and an enhanced CR performance.

We continuously work together with both suppliers and customers to identify further innovative initiatives that will reduce environmental impact and enhance quality and process efficiency.

For example, in 2015 we implemented a new enzyme process in the washing cycle in another 31 laundries (20 in 2014), which partially replaces detergents and chemicals at the same time as improving whiteness and quality. From an environmental perspective, this leads to a reduction in resources used and fewer harmful substances in the waste water.

In addition, we are also introduced ‘cool chemistry' in eight of our 25 UK flatwork laundries. This enables reduced wash temperatures with associated reduced energy. The wash chemicals are dynamically manufactured on site, reducing the need for resources as well as environmental impact.  In 2016, we aim to roll out the enzyme process and cool chemistry further in our UK laundries.

We are also investigating further washing improvements, testing a new washing process from Ecolab, called ‘performance industry'.

Business continuity
Our customers depend on us to meet their needs at all times and expect us to deliver, no matter what the circumstances. Service continuity is secured by a business continuity policy, which includes a requirement for up-to-date Business Continuity Plans (BCP) which are tested across all of our businesses. In 2015 we completed BCP tests in each country and will continue this testing on a regular basis.

Engaging with our customers
We regularly invite feedback from customers about our services and innovations. This is supported by independent satisfaction surveys.


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