As industry experts, we are in a position to constantly look for new, innovative solutions which contribute to improving our CR performance and those of our customers. We seek to continuously identify new innovative solutions by engaging with both suppliers and customers with the aim to reduce environmental impact whilst enhancing quality and process efficiency. For example, our Cleanroom business has focused on the following innovations:

  • FlexiMat – a specially developed and patented mat system for cleanroom contamination control
  • MicronGoggles to protect products and people in sterile manufacturing
  • MicronSwep™ for cleaning and disinfection of cleanrooms

In addition, we continue with the roll-out of enzyme processes, mainly in our workwear laundries, but also introduced in several hospitality laundries. This process replaces partially undesirable chemicals with less harmful biodegradable chemicals and at the same time, improves whiteness and quality.

In our UK Hospitality and Healthcare businesses we have also continued our investment in ‘Cool Chemistry'. This process enables reduced wash temperatures with associated reduced energy consumption. The wash chemicals are dynamically manufactured on site, reducing the need for resources as well as environmental impact.

Business continuity
Our customers depend on us to meet their needs at all times and expect us to deliver, no matter the circumstances. Service continuity is secured by a business continuity policy, which includes a requirement for up-to-date Business Continuity Plans (BCP) which are tested across all of our businesses.


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