Berendsen plc (previously called The Davis Service Group Plc) is a focused European textile, hygiene and safety solutions business with leading positions in the majority of the countries in which we operate. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The business as we know it today was formed following the acquisition of Sophus Berendsen in 2002, which had textile service operations under the Berendsen brand in Scandinavia, The Netherlands, Germany and Poland. These operations were combined with the existing Davis business which had very similar operations in the UK, Ireland and Germany, providing services under the Sunlight and Spring Grove brands. Both Berendsen and Davis were long-established business service companies with history dating back over a hundred years. In July 2013 Sunlight was rebranded as Berendsen UK Ltd and in July 2015 Spring Grove was rebranded as Berendsen Ireland Ltd.

Historic dates

1854 - Sophus Berendsen is formed

1890 - First Sunlight laundry built

1900 - Sunlight Laundry officially formed as a company

1920 - Godfrey Davis plc formed

1928 - Sunlight Laundries limited listed on London stock exchange

1959 - Godfrey Davis plc listed on London stock exchange

1973 - Sophus Berendsen listed on Copenhagen stock exchange

1987 - Sunlight Services Group plc acquires Godfrey Davis plc by means of a reverse takeover

1991 - Company name changed to The Davis Service Group Plc

1996 - Acquisition of Spring Grove Services

2002 - Acquisition of Sophus Berendsen

2011 - Company name changed to Berendsen plc

2013 - Sunlight rebranded as Berendsen UK Ltd

2015 – Spring Grove rebranded as Berendsen Ireland Ltd


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Peter Braam Garage

Industrial wipers are as important to the automotive repair industry as is the wrench. Peter Braam found a reliable supplier with Berendsen.

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