Investing in our people to achieve our new strategy

We are strengthening employee skills, communication and engagement and assuring a safe working environment so that we can enable and empower our people to achieve our new strategy. We are committed to engage, develop, reward and recognise our people.

The strength and depth of our talent management processes came to the fore with the announcement in November 2015 of our new strategy and the restructuring of our business lines to enhance our customer focus.

The resulting requirement for additional management team appointments is being, and will be, largely met from our talent pipeline.  This pipeline will also support the Berendsen Excellence System (BES) – our new way of working. BES provides a systematic approach to extending excellence across every part of the group and is supported by the Berendsen Excellence Team. 

In 2016, we will continue to develop the capabilities required to build Berendsen Excellence, putting in place new business line management and business development teams to support the new strategy.

Our female mentoring programme is contributing positively to our objective of increasing the number of female candidates for senior management and executive roles by 2016.

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Jeanette Baret


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We have been a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact since 2009.

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