An integrated approach – the business case
We recognise that corporate responsibility is key to the sustainability of our company. We stay close to our key stakeholders in order to understand their expectations of us on all aspects of CR and this guides our business decisions. More than ever, our credentials in these areas are influencing our ability to attract and retain customers, employees, investors and suppliers. They also underpin our licence to operate by strengthening our relationships with local communities, industry partners and regulators.

By focusing on leaner working practices and continuous dialogue with our stakeholders, we believe that corporate responsibility brings opportunities to our business:

  • Our corporate responsibility commitments help us deliver on our customers' own sustainability commitments. 
  • New ideas and technologies improve how we work, reducing our environmental impact and our operating costs.
  • Being a good employer and supporting our people to do their best work helps us attract and retain high performing individuals and create a great workplace.
  • Seizing the opportunity to be a more responsible business helps to differentiate us from our peers and stand out in a competitive marketplace

Our CR focus areas

  • Stakeholder engagement. Read more here.
  • People and Health & Safety. Read more here.
  • Innovative and efficient solutions. Read more here.
  • A responsible supply chain. Read more here.
  • Operational environmental efficiency. Read more here.


Berendsen's UK business has been awarded the Carbon Trust Water Standard since 2012. In 2014, Berendsen was presented with a Silver Award from the prestigious Green Apple Award for our accomplishments in reducing the environmental impacts associated with our operations.

United Nations Global Compact
We have been a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact since 2009.
Our 2016 United Nations Global Compact Communication on Progress is available here.



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