Our policies
Our Group-wide CR policies include:

  • Ethics
  • Health and safety
  • Environment
  • Human resources and employees
  • Community
  • Group business continuity planning

CR approach and policy review
We review our policies on a regular basis. Following the appointment of our new CEO in 2015 and his input into the new business strategy review, we will review our corporate responsibility approach in 2016.  This will include a review of our policies and corporate responsibility related KPIs to ensure alignment with the revised business strategy.

Anti-bribery and corruption
Following an internal survey in 2014, we reviewed and updated our policies, procedures and training materials. Our new anti-bribery and corruption policy was issued to all our businesses in January 2015. The main areas of risk regarding bribery and corruption are in sales and procurement, most notably on public services contracts, and we have created training materials that specifically target this aspect.  The new guidance also covers donations to charities and how business practices and cultures in different countries should be approached, especially in the countries we flagged as potentially higher risk. Training materials were circulated across the group, with tailored training delivered to all procurement staff. In addition, we completed risk assessments for all businesses and these will now be revised on an annual basis.  In 2016 we plan to develop and deliver an e-learning programme on anti-bribery and corruption, to ensure that training is consistent across all of our businesses.

Business continuity
Our customers expect delivery no matter what our circumstances are. We regularly review and update our Group Business Continuity Planning policy (BCP), which includes testing across all businesses.

Read more about our business continuity planning here.

Incident reporting
The incident reporting process has been reviewed and updated, with changes including greater emphasis on instant reporting.  In 2016 we aim to automate the current incident reporting system to further improve performance

Modern Slavery statement
In 2016, we aim to develop our first statement in respect of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.


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