We regularly invite feedback from customers about our services and innovations. This is supported by independent satisfaction surveys and the Net Promoted Score.

We utilise a variety of employee engagement channels, including Group-wide employee surveys which are conducted every two years.

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Executive management meets regularly with investors and potential investors, and receives regular input from brokers and advisers which are shared with the Board. In addition, Non-Executive Directors meet annually with investors without executives being present.

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Our investments in the central procurement and supply chain function open up greater opportunities for us to develop long-term strategic relationships with suppliers, supporting our ambition to rationalise our supplier base. In respect of equipment suppliers, we are developing strategic partnerships based on equipment efficiency and lifecycle.

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Industry partners
In our key markets, we engage with the wider textile services industry through trade associations, sharing issues around legislation, technical standards and safety. Our commitment to the industry and reputation for integrity often provide opportunities to acquire local companies when the owners seek to retire or exit.

Local communities
We are conscious that our plants are part of their communities and that our workforce is drawn from this local environment. We actively engage with these communities, investing in local initiatives to ensure that our impact is positive and to provide further employment.


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