Our people are central to our success and we are fully committed to continuing to make our business a great place to work. Our emphasis is increasingly on developing and retaining our own talent, combined with external recruitment when we need to introduce new skills or create positions to support our strategic growth plans.

Development of our own talent is achieved through investment in dedicated learning programmes as follows:

Berendsen Academy
The Berendsen Academy, first launched in 2012, is our in-house ‘corporate university' for furthering company knowledge, expertise and leadership development. Our programmes are specifically designed to support our strategic business needs and includes training in pricing and commercial terms to improve the profitability of our contracts. In addition, online tools for 360 feedback, recruitment skills and diversity awareness are also available.

In 2014, the Academy trained over 200 managers in pricing and commercial terms to improve the profitability of our contracts and support our strategy for higher growth.

Management development programmes
To complement group-level leadership development programmes within the Berendsen Academy, we regularly conduct training at the country level, to put in place the building blocks of management skills and competency.

Additionally, through our LEAD Development Centres we help developing Leadership Effectiveness And Development (LEAD) behaviours amongst our management. These are intensive and stretching one-day events aimed at building competency around LEAD behaviours in one-on-one or group-based programmes. 

Management Trainee Scheme
The Berendsen Management Trainee Scheme is a two-year traineeship, which requires the completion of four six-month projects aimed at addressing complex organisational issues. Trainees gain experience in many functional areas, are given a thorough grounding in the company and are expected to work internationally for at least one of their six-month projects. The scheme is designed to provide a pipeline of future management talent and at the end of their two-year programme trainees are typically appointed to middle management roles throughout the organisation.

Optimizing employee motivation and potential is key to our success and considered a vital part of our business performance.

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