In the eight countries where we provide washroom solutions, museums, airports, theatres, universities and many more have found our hygiene lines to be the best available.

Hygiene is not just about cleaning. Customers rely on us to preserve a healthy environment for their visitors and for themselves. That is why all our products are covered by a special, patented, anti-bacterial surface, which improves overall washroom hygiene. Products are also designed to meet high and sustainable standards of cleanliness. For us, it is a matter of proactive functionality, accessibility and appearance.

Our washroom solutions are not only the logical hygienic choice; many of our products are also designed to combine industrial practice with exclusive design, something that was previously available only for residential washrooms. We want to give our customers the opportunity to personalise their washrooms. Therefore, our service consists of a number of products available in various variations – each of which can be installed in less than an hour. Our lines include towel cabinet, foam soap dispenser, air freshener, clean seat dispenser, paper dispenser and trash can, sanitizer, toilet paper dispenser and a lady care product. Several products are also available in a non-touch version.

Washroom service cycle


To Ideas AB in Sweden design is everything, which is why they have chosen the Berendsen Line washroom products.

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